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In the current day-to-day activities of the modern world, we are becoming too busy yet time is not enough. 
Talingpay was established to address the busy schedule of everyone. We work so hard day and night yet time is always not enough for us to accomplish our objectives, with the help of Talingpay we will make sure that we bridge the gap of your activities so that you can easily achieve your objective.
The increasing traffic jam and congestion on the roads or busy streets can expose you to risk of losing financial opportunity; Talingpay will make sure that your daily activities are not affected.

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Increase your network and accessibility by Talingpay

The spirit of entrepreneurship is increasing with increase in production. Both small registered and unregistered enterprises are emerging up at a rocket speed. This is because of the increase in the consumption rate. Talingpay wants to ensure that sellers and buyers are linked through our secure and easy to use payment gateway. Whether your operating online and offline business we can facilitate your payment process.  Increase your network and accessibility by using Talingpay

Money Transfer

The global world is making it convenient place to live and work. Our daily activities require urgent monetary funds, for a reason Talingpay has come to bridge this gap so that you can securely send money to your family, friends or business partner.  
Money theft has increased, by either hi-jacking or pick pocketing this is because criminals know your carrying money in your bag or pocket. Talingpay wants to ensure that you can transfer your money to your business partner

Paying your bills is simplified

Our standard of living is increasing every now and then, so does the requirements for our daily lives. We will spend on electricity, we will spend on water, and we will spend on television subscriptions, which calls for payment through the banks. While we stand in the line waiting for clearance, we lose a lot of our valuable time, we miss our appointments, and we miss our business opportunities. For this reason, Talingpay is the perfect answer for your bill payment. We brought for you the simple, secure and convenient payment system, which enables you to pay for your bills at your convenient places; be at work place, in a taxi or even your vacation, create an account with us and login to pay your bills.

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    Rush hour, we make it easy for you

Too busy and have no time to walk to the bank or carry bulk money? Talingpay will do it for you

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