Talingpay we make it easy for you
Decide when and how to pay your bills

Paying your electricity bills?

For your electricity bills we have it all, manage it run it

Electricity has simplified our lives; it is part of daily lives. In our residence, offices or companies, being cut-off from electric supply can be so costly to our businesses and that means losing a lot of money.

You would not want interruption especially when you are following your favorite sport, a movie or speech on air because, and it is disappointing especially when your power goes off because you ran out of units, and then you have to rash and buy a credit from the shop or service point.

Talingpay wants to ensure that you run your company or business, and also watch your television without the inconvenience, we want to ensure that you can pay for electricity bills in the shortest time possible because there will be no more time wasted in a long line waiting to pay your electricity bills.

Paying your water bills?

Water is a necessity

Water bill is part of our daily life especially if you live in major cities and towns

Water is life, we need it for our domestic, industrial and other purposes. Urban water usage is far different from rural water use because in the village we will get water freely from the boreholes, ponds or the rivers but in the cities our water usage depends on your meter reading and that means you have to pay for every single drop you consume.

Talingpay wants to ensure that the payment process is of no headache to you. From your office or your tripe, just login to our website and pay your water bill at your convenience.

Pay your hospital bills through Talingpay

Everybody fall’s sick. During an emergency, you might not have money ready with you, but with just your electronic device which can access internet, payment challenges will become history to you because once you create an account with us, you just have to log in and command the payment to the respective hospital.

It could have been your child or any family member and yet you are distant away, with Talingpay you do not need to worry

Pay for your television bills

Do you love those moments when you have to watch your favourite game or show on the television at your work place or even at home with your family? Well Talingpay makes it easy for you to pay for those television or subscribe for your favourite channel.

Do you own a cinema hall, and want your viewers entertained without interruption? Trust Talingpay, we bring to you the simplest and secure process.